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About us

We focus on creating a lean & agile senior communicators network to service our clients in a flexible and cost effective way.

What is Reputation & Co?


Diverse experiences and a common ethic.


Entrepreneurs know this: the real challenge is not to have ideas but to succeed in their execution.


Reputation & Co is a group of independent experts offering companies & institutions advice in & tools for modern day communications and public relations.


Reputation & Co brings together experienced communication professionals from different backgrounds to serve a single objective: to ensure the conditions for success by providing an integrated offer across all support functions.


Our three commitments


First, to understand you


The public relations professionals who make up Reputation & Co seek above all to understand you, the client: your business environment, your values, your needs.


Provide the highest level of service


The conviction of Reputation & Co is that the highest level of service can not be achieved without focus at all times. It translates into the quality of the work provided, the ability to listen and mobilise assets for maximum efficiency.


Clarify decision-making as much as possible


By clarifying the issues and simplifying decision-making, Reputation & Co allows its customers, in an increasingly complex environment, to focus on the mission that makes them unique.


Let's work together on your reputation.

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