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Senior Communications Consultants Network Launches in Morocco


Reputation & Co. - a senior communications consultant network officially launched in Casablanca, Morocco and will start servicing clients on the African continent, across Europe and in the United States of America as from today.

The network, founded by three senior public relations professionals based in Casablanca, provides specialised services in public relations, digital communications, crisis communications and training.

All members of the Reputation & Co. - called Associates - are hand picked, independent consultants and executives, boasting a wide range of skills and experiences in reputation management.

"More and more, clients are looking to hire agile and flexible teams with specialised skills who are used to work on a project basis. A "one size fits all" approach does not provide the requested added value anymore. This is why we decided to create our network; a collective of independent specialists working together with the client's project in mind."

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